Assessing discussion topic responses against a learning objective

Discussion topics must have a points-based assessment or be associated with a grade item or rubric to have the assessment options available.

  1. On the assessment screen for discussion topics, open the Topic Score or rubric dialog.
  2. Under the Standards section of the dialog, select the appropriate level of achievement for the learner for each standard.
    Note: If the rubric used to evaluate the discussion topic is points-based or custom-points based and the achievement scale has percentage levels defined, or if the achievement scale levels have been manually mapped to the rubric evaluation levels, then suggested levels of achievement will be displayed for each of the indirectly aligned outcomes which is attached to the rubric. The directly aligned outcomes will not have an achievement suggestion.

    For each standard, review th suggested achievement level and select the actual achievement.

  3. Click Publish to complete the assessment and make it available to the learner.