Configure a course for self-enrollment with Discover

To provide learners with greater flexibility and control over their personal learning goals, the new Discover tool allows them to search for active courses and self-enroll. In addition, learners can self-unenroll from the courses they self-enrolled in.

Courses organized by sections on the Discover homepage

Figure: Courses organized by sections on the Discover homepage

Note the following:

  • To avoid potential confusion or conflicts, D2L recommends that you do not use Discover with Self-Registration. Both tools use the same internal flag to determine which courses allow self-enrollment, which would cause the same courses to appear in both tools.
  • To easily browse courses by category, the Discover homepage organizes unenrolled courses into sections: New, Updated, and Featured. The New section includes courses added to Discover within the last 6 months. The Updated section includes courses updated within the last 6 months. This includes courses with updated course titles or descriptions only; courses with updated course content do not display in this section. The Featured section includes courses promoted in your organization by your administrator, typically popular courses or courses your organization wants to promote, up to a maximum of 4 courses.
  • Learners can enroll in a course prior to its Start Date (if configured), but they cannot enroll in a course past its End Date (if configured).
  • After configuring a course for self-enrollment, it may take a minute before the course appears in Discover search results.
  • To make it easier to index multiple courses for Discover, developers can use the Brightspace Developer Platform API to enable the Is Discoverable option on new or existing courses. Once the option is enabled, those courses are visible in Discover, available to learners for self-enrollment. For information, refer to the Brightspace Developer Platform documentation.