Set up Discover to allow learners to self-enroll in courses

To provide learners with greater flexibility and control over their personal learning goals, the Discover tool allows them to search for active courses and self-enroll. In addition, learners can self-unenroll from the courses they self-enrolled in. Depending on your organization's needs, Discover may be a suitable replacement for Course Catalog and the Self-Registration tool.

Search results for courses in Discover

Figure: Search results for courses in Discover

From the navbar, learners click Discover, and then search for active courses by entering terms that match course titles and descriptions. Only courses that allow self-enrollment (configured by course administrators or instructors) appear in the search results. From the search results, learners select a course and enroll.

Note the following:

  • Discover is available to Brightspace Core clients in all regions, except Singapore. Clients in Singapore can use Discover; however, data is not stored in the Singapore region.
  • To avoid potential confusion or conflicts, D2L recommends that you do not use Discover with Self-Registration. Both tools use the same internal flag to determine which courses allow self-enrollment, which would cause the same courses to appear in both tools.
  • Discover does not offer a public-facing eCommerce page where potential learners can view available courses and sign-up or register and create a new account.
  • When considering if Discover is a suitable replacement for Course Catalog or Self Registration, consider that, at this time, Discover does not support the following:
    • Pre-requisite, anti-requisite, or co-requisite course offerings
    • Seat limits, wait lists, or enrollment windows
    • Self-enrollment approval
    • Multiple catalogs of courses
    • Sections self-enrollment
    • Role selection during self-enrollment
    • SIS integration, API, or enabling self-enrollment in bulk