Set up Discover to allow learners to self-enroll in courses

When Discover is enabled, from the navbar, learners can click Discover to search for active courses by entering terms that match course titles and descriptions. Only courses that allow self-enrollment (configured by course administrators or instructors) appear in the search results. From the search results, learners select a course and enroll.


  • Discover is available to Brightspace Core clients in all regions, except Singapore and India. Clients in Singapore can use Discover; however, data is not stored in the Singapore region.
  • By default, all courses configured to display in Discover are visible to any role within your organization. However, you can configure role-based access or custom user attribute-based access to individual courses in Discover. For more information, refer to Configure the availability of courses in Discover.
  • To make it easier to index multiple courses for Discover, developers can use the Brightspace Developer Platform API to enable the Is Discoverable option on new or existing courses. Once the option is enabled, and courses are made active, those courses are visible in Discover and available to learners for self-enrollment. For information, refer to Brightspace Developer Platform documentation.
  • Discover does not offer a public-facing eCommerce page where potential learners can view available courses and sign-up or register and create a new account.
  • Discover does not support the following:
    • Pre-requisite, anti-requisite, or co-requisite course offerings
    • Seat limits, wait lists, or enrollment windows
    • Multiple catalogs of courses
    • Sections or groups self-enrollment
    • Role selection during self-enrollment.

      Note: While it is not possible for a user to select what role they want to be when they self-enroll in a course, you can set the default role for all users that self-enroll on a per course basis. This is configured by choosing the Value in the d2l.System.Enrollment.LearnerRole config variable. For example, this configuration variable role setting can be combined with cascading Org Unit Types to set the default role that should be used for all courses within a department.

    • SIS integration or enabling self-enrollment in bulk

Enable Discover in Organization Tools

The first step in making Discover available to users is to enable it in Organization Tools.

To turn on Discover

  1. From your organizational home page, click Admin Tools > Organization Tools.

  2. From the Tool Availability page, click the toggle next to Discover to enable.

Display form elements for self-enrollment

Next, you must ensure that the correct form elements are displayed on the Course Offering Info page.

To display form elements for self-enrollment

  1. From your organizational home page, click Admin Tools > Form Elements.

  2. Click to expand CourseOfferingInfo.

  3. Click Edit.

  4. Ensure that Registration and Description are set to Is Displayed.
    The CourseOfferingInfo Form Elements page.
    Figure: The CourseOfferingInfo section of the Form Elements page.

  5. Click Save.

Edit the required configuration variable for Discover

The next step is to use the Config Variable Browser to edit the required configuration variable.

To edit the required config variable

  1. From your organizational home page, click Admin Tools > Config Variable Browser.

  2. Search for and select d2l.System.Enrollment.LearnerRole.

  3. Click Add Value.

  4. From the Add Variable Value dialog, enter the Org Unit ID or click Select Org Unit to select your top-level org unit number.

  5. Under Value, select Learner.
    The Add Variable Value dialog.
    Figure: The Add Variable Value dialog.

  6. Click Save.

    Note: If Manager Dashboard is turned on in your instance, the Manager Dashboard learner role value is respected.

Grant role permissions for Discover

The next step in setting up Discover is to grant roles the required permissions.

To grant role permissions for Discover

  • To allow course administrators or instructors to configure courses for self-enrollment, grants roles the Discover > Configure Availability in Discover permission at the organization level.

    Note: This permission also allows users to set whether a course is added to Discover, and to set Enrollment Rules.

  • To allow administrators or instructors to require approval of self-enrollment requests, grant roles the Discover > Approve Enrollment Requests permission set at the organization and course level.

  • To allow learners to see Discover, grant learners the Discover > Access Discover permission at the organization level.

Add Discover to the organization navbar

The final step is to add Discover to the organizational navbar.

To add Discover to the navbar

  1. From the organizational hompage navbar, click the three Actions for this Navbar (...) > Edit This Navbar.
  2. Click Add Links.
  3. Search for Discover and click Add.
  4. Click and drag Discover to your desired position on the navbar and then click Save and Close.