Configure Discover enrollment logs to track user self-enrollment in courses

To allow instructors to track which users are self-enrolling in courses using Discover, administrators can optionally configure enrollment logs to record Discover (or a custom name) as the Enrolled By type. If administrators choose not to configure enrollment logs, D2LSupport is recorded by default.

To configure enrollment logs, administrators create a new service user role with specific enrollment permissions, and then set the d2l.System.Enrollment.DiscoverUserId configuration variable.

Note: If you are using Discover with Manager Dashboard and Learning Groups, the enrollment permissions added to the service user role should apply to the corresponding role configured in Manager Dashboard and Learning Groups, instead of the role identified in the d2l.System.Enrollment.LearnerRole configuration variable.

From the Users tool, instructors can then view which users are self-enrolling in course using Discover.

An enrollment log displaying that a user self-enrolled in course using Discover