About course images

To help instructors and course designers to create great visual experiences for their learners, the My Courses widget course tiles now include an instructor-chosen photograph. D2L provides an image library of over 3000 images which are licensed for use within the Brightspace Platform. Instructors and course designers can also upload their own image.

Be aware of the following image size recommendations:

  • For logo images used on navbars, ensure that your image is a maximum size of 260 pixels by 60 pixels, and saved as SVG filetype.
  • For course images, it is recommended that images are 2400 pixels by 960 pixels. Keep in mind that the display height and width of these images may vary in different tools and on different screens and devices. Ensure that any images that you are using appear correctly at different sizes and crop points on laptop, tablet, and mobile device screens.
    Note: To maintain security, ensure any .jpg images are clear of EXIF (exchangeable image file) data.