About course templates

Course templates are org units that link a course offering to a department (or other parent org unit in your organization's hierarchy). All course offerings must link to a course template.

Course templates allow you to configure, store and reuse components of a course, such as quizzes, assignments, surveys, images, and so on, and then use the components in individual course offerings. For example, if you teach the same course every Fall and Winter, it makes sense to create course components that you use every time you teach the course in a template.

When you use a template to store components, it allows you to customize individual course offerings based on class interest or current events, without worrying about affecting the configuration of future offerings of the same course since changes you make in an individual course offering don't affect the template. If you like a change you make in an individual course offering, you can copy the component into the template so it can be used in future course offerings.