Course Publisher platform requirements

To use Course Publisher, note the following:

  • The Course Publisher tool is available for clients on Brightspace Core and Brightspace Legacy. As of October 2021, the tool is available by default. To enable, see Set up Course Publisher.
  • The Course Publisher Brightspace Data Sets, which return details from the Course Publisher tool, are available to Brightspace Insights and Brightspace Core clients in all regions.
  • The Course Publisher tool supports AICC 4.0 and LTI 1.3 Advantage standards. This means that an LMS that does not support one of these standards cannot integrate with Course Publisher packages.
  • To use an LTI link for deploying a course package, you must create a recipient to register the destination LMS (your client) as an LTI consumer of your LTI tool (course publisher). The destination LMS (your client) must register the LTI tool provider (you) and return information from this registration process back to you to complete the connection. The LTI link does not launch until this back and forth registration process is complete.