Special considerations when copying course components

When you are copying course components, ensure that you have considered the following implications or associated tasks.




Competencies, learning objectives, and associated activities are copied.


Does not include files or content display settings; you must select these as separate components. Be sure to copy all course files used in the course as well as the content topics or only the content topic structure is copied.


Due dates for checklist items are not changed when you copy them.

Groups and Sections

The new course does not automatically enroll groups and sections. You must enroll users yourself.


If you have modified the names of any tools, you must also copy the tool names.

Release Conditions

Only release conditions that reference or are attached to other components are copied at the same time as the component. For example, if a quiz has a release condition that refers to a content topic, the release note is only copied if both the quiz and the content topic are copied at the same time. If you copy release conditions without selecting any other component, there is no action.