Why can't learners see the Content I posted?

If learners indicate that they can’t see a Content Module or Topic that you posted, review the following settings for that Content Module/Topic:

  1. From the course homepage, click Content.
  2. Select the Content module/sub-module from the contents section. If learners can't see a content topic, click the topic's context menu and select Edit Properties.
  3. Click Add dates and restrictions.
  4. Review the following:
    • Ensure that the start and end dates set on the Content Module / Topic are accurate.
      If there is a start or end date set on the Content module / topic that wasn’t intended, remove the dates filled in the Start Date and End Date fields so that they are blank.
    • Under Release Conditions, ensure that the release conditions set on the Content Module / Topic are accurate.
      If there are release conditions set that weren't intended, remove the release conditions by clicking the Delete icon.
      If the start date, end date, and release conditions are set accurately, and learners still can’t view the Content module / topic, then the reason the learners cannot view the Content is due to them not having met the release conditions to be able to view the Content.