Checking course content statistics

Course content statistics can display the total number of users, the number of users who visited course content, and the average time users spent viewing content. You can view overall course content statistics as well as specific statistics for individual topics.

Some things to consider when checking course content statistics:

  • A user who visits multiple times is only counted once.
  • The total number of users counted in statistics does not include any users with the Manage Content permission.
  • Calculated time users spent viewing overall content or individual topics does not include user session timeouts and users currently visiting content and topics as you view statistic details.
  • Reset Statistics only resets the number of visits to, and the time spent in each content topic that is displayed on the Content Statistics page and in the Class Progress tool.
  • Reset Statistics does not reset the content completion status of any content topic(s) for any user, in the Content tool or in the Class Progress tool.
  • Export Statistics allows you to generate a CSV file containing all of your statistics for viewing and analysis outside of Brightspace Learning Environment.