Add Existing material

  1. From a course with Lessons enabled, on the navbar, click Content.
  2. From the table of contents, select the unit, lesson, or folder you are adding material to.
  3. Click Add Existing.
  4. Choose one of the available options:
    • Google Drive > click Continue to Google Drive > Allow> choose an item to add.
      Note: When adding private files from a Google Drive account to Brightspace Learning Environment, a notification indicates if the file is private and instructors are given the option to change permissions so that anyone with the link can view the file.

    • OneDrive > click Continue to OneDrive > select your account > enter credentials and click Accept > choose an item to add.

    • Assignment > select an assignment from the list.

    • Discussion > select a discussion forum > click a discussion topic.

    • Quiz > select a quiz from the list.

    • Checklist > select a checklist from the list.

    • External Tool Activity > select from the tool providers that are in use by your institution, or click Create a New LTI Link to register a new LTI link.

    • SCORM/xAPI Object > select a SCORM course package to import into the Lessons tool.

    • LOR > search or browse for a learning object from Brightspace Learning Repository (LOR). A learning object can be a quiz, presentation, image, video, or any other kind of document or file you use to create course content and learning materials for online learning.

    • Drag and drop a file onto the dialog box or click BROWSE to select a file from your computer.

Tip: To clearly indicate where you are adding material, the top of the Add Existing menu displays breadcrumbs. This also allows you to easily navigate up the tree to add material at different levels.