Create course content in the new Content experience (Lessons)

Brightspace has an alternative Content experience that provides an intuitive way to create lessons aligned to standards, outcomes, and expectations.

Instructors can build their course as they go, with a variety of activities and content to choose from, including their own HTML documents, or documents located in Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive ™ online storage service, links and videos from the web, external learning activities, video assignments and more.

Context can be added with visual and rich descriptions for content, including embedded images and videos. For organizations that have a catalog of templates to choose from for HTML documents, those templates can be accessed in a simple drop-down menu when new content is being created.

The visibility toggle enables you to control the visibility of units, lessons, folders, HTML documents, and web links at the time of creation.

As activities are added to the course, they can be shared with learners immediately via the Activity Feed or scheduled for later. Content can be made visible or hidden to learners using a quick ‘hide/show’ toggle, or by using release conditions to personalize the pace and path for individual learners.

While building and teaching the course, it’s easy to see how the course satisfies the required outcomes, expectations, or standards.

You can try it today — the new Content experience can be turned on as an “opt-in/out” option, allowing instructors to go back and forth between the two experiences and choose according to their preference. Note that the new experience does not yet offer advanced capabilities such as visual completion tracking or other visual statistics, bookmarking, and bulk editing. The new Content experience only displays content in courses up to four levels deep (unit > lesson > folder > material). If your course content is more than four levels deep, when you opt-in to the Lessons experience, a notification appears stating that some content cannot be displayed and directs you to modify the course structure in the old Content experience before trying out the new Content experience.