Enable Lessons configuration variables

For Lessons to be available, ensure that the following configuration variables are turned on:

  • d2l.Tools.Content.IsLessonsEnabled
  • d2l.Tools.Content.UseLessonsExperience

To allow instructors to opt in or out of the Lessons experience, ensure the following configuration variable is turned on for the desired roles:

  • d2l.Tools.Content.ChooseContentExperience

Note: When you opt in to the Lessons experience, if your course content is more than four levels deep (unit > lesson > folder > topic) and if the d2l.Tools.Content.IsLessonsEnabled, d2l.Tools.Content.UseLessonsExperience, and d2l.Tools.Content.ChooseContentExperience configuration variables are turned on, a notification appears stating that some content cannot be displayed. You are directed to modify the course structure in the old Content experience before trying out the new Content experience.

For improved interaction with learners directly from Lessons, turn on Activity Feed and add the Activity Feed widget to course homepages:

  • d2l.Tools.ActivityFeed.ShowWidget

For an improved document viewing experience in Lessons, ensure that the following configuration variable is enabled:

  • d2l.System.Services.DocumentConversion.IsEnabled

Note: Depending on the status of the d2l.Systems.Services.DocumentConversion.IsEnabled configuration variable, the availability of the Download and Print options in the Content Overview page will vary. If the d2l.System.Services.DocumentConversion.IsEnabled configuration variable is enabled, all document types except PDF will display the Download and Print options (PDF will only display the Download button). If the configuration variable is not enabled, only GIF, JPEB, JPG, JPE, PNG, BMP, TXT, HTML, CSS, and HTM file types will display both the Download and Print options.

To customize the language term used to describe learning outcomes, set the following configuration variable to one of the available options:

  • d2l.Languages.Terminology.LearningOutcomes

Note: Options include Standards, Competencies, Expectations, Objectives, and Outcomes.