Copy Standards (Learning Outcomes) between courses

When you copy a course containing learning outcomes, both imported standards from the Achievements Standards Network and custom authored standards created at the program or course level are also copied into the target course. When selecting to copy standards with other course components, all other object references, such as alignment to rubric criteria, achievement scale mapping in the source course, and so on, are copied from the source to the target course as expected.

For ASN standards and program-level outcomes, the outcomes are copied as a reference (or link) back to the source ASN or program. Any change made to the program source outcome is automatically inherited in all target courses. If a program outcome is copied to a target course, you cannot delete the program outcome at the source without first deleting the outcome from all target courses.

For custom authored outcomes in courses, the outcomes are also copied as a reference back to the source course. However, you can unlink copied outcomes to make changes to the target course. In this case, both the source course outcomes and the target course outcomes become distinct objects that are no longer connected.

Note: The Manage Outcomes permission for Learning Outcomes is required to copy Learning Outcomes between courses.

  1. On a course navbar, click Course Admin and then click Import / Export / Copy Components.
  2. Click Search for Offering and locate a course with existing learning outcomes.
  3. Select the radio button next to the course name and click Add Selected.
  4. Click Select Components.
  5. Select the Learning Outcomes check box and click Continue.
  6. Confirm the components to copy and click Finish.
  7. When the import completes, click View Content.
  8. The course standards coverage gauge displays.
  9. Click Standards to view more information on learning outcomes and their alignment to content units.