Portfolio configuration variables

All configuration variables for Brightspace Portfolio are automatically set up with the same AWS region used by the Brightspace Learning Environment instance in the d2l.System.Aws.Region configuration variable, unless you manually overwrite the region.




Default Value


d2l.Tools.Folio.Endpoint Org https://folio.{region}.content-service.brightspace.com To use Brightspace Portfolio, the d2l.Tools.Folio.Endpoint variable must be configured to indicate where the Brightspace Learning Environment should look for the Portfolio application, and the region in which the application resides.

Specifies if learners can control evidence sharing with instructors. When turned on, submitted evidence immediately appears in learner portfolios (no approval process). Instructors do not see evidence until learners explicitly share it with them. When turned off, all submitted evidence is automatically shared with instructors. Learners do not see evidence in their portfolios until instructors approve the evidence.

Note: Turning the configuration variable on or off does not take effect immediately; you may have to wait a while.