Parent Portal (Brightspace Parent & Guardian) configuration variables

Note: Brightspace Parent & Guardian is formerly known as Brightspace for Parents.

Variable Type Default Value Description
d2l.Tools.ParentPortal.Nav.ShowCourseSelector Org Off If set to on, this configuration variable shows the course selector in the Brightspace Parent & Guardian navigation bar. Recommended only for K-12 clients with homepage overrides for parents and guardians.
d2l.Tools.ParentPortal.Nav.ShowNotifications Org Off

Specifies if the notification alert bell is visible in the Brightspace Parent & Guardian dashboard. If turned on, parents and guardians see the alert bell, which contains notifications from the learner selector page, indicating there are upcoming assignments or quizzes for one or more learners.

d2l.Tools.ParentPortal.Notifications.DigestEnabled (System) Org On

Allows parents and guardians the option to receive a weekly emailed summary of their child's activity in Brightspace. Each Saturday at 8 AM (based on the server time in the client's specific AWS region), an activity summary is emailed to parents and guardians that contains notifications and reminders. For example, an activity summary may contain reminders when assignments are due and notifications when an instructor shares portfolio items.

If the configuration variable is turned on, it indicates that the digest is available for parents and guardians; they must still opt in by logging in to Brightspace Parent & Guardian, and selecting the option to get the digest. If this configuration variable is turned off, it unsubscribes all parents and guardians from the digests.

Note: As of May 2020, users with Org Admin permissions cannot edit this configuration variable.