Lti configuration variables



Default Value


d2l.Tools.Lti.AuthStandard Org HMAC-SHA256

The default value for the cryptographic hash function for the OAuth signature method used by LTI tool providers.

Note: If a link does not domain match to a tool provider, HMAC-SHA1 is specified instead of the default HMAC-SHA256 value. If the tool requires HMAC-SHA256, the user must create a tool provider using HMAC-SHA256.




Administrators can turn this configuration variable on and then create a new remote plugin using the Quicklink (CIM) and Insert Stuff (CIM) options in the Remote Plugins > New Remote Plugin > Plugin Type drop-down list.

Once this configuration variable is turned on, and a new remote plugin has been created, instructors can add Quicklinks in Brightspace Learning Environment using the Content > Add Existing Activities or Insert Quicklink options and objects using the Insert Stuff option.

d2l.Tools.Lti.CustomParamSubstitution.IsEnabled Org OFF Administrators can set this variable to ON, to enable custom parameter substitutions for LTI links.
d2l.Tools.Lti.Version.Inherit Org Instance Value 1.1 All LTI 1.0/1.1/1.1.2 tool providers set to inherit resolve to the selected version.
d2l.Tools.Lti.Version.Default Org Inherit All new 1.0/1.1/1.1.2 LTI tool providers version default to the selected version.