Configure tool functionality

The Config Variable Browser allows you to define how specific functionality in D2L tools should operate for an organization, an org unit (such as a course), a role, or a user. A configuration variable is a specific setting for a tool or set of functionality. For example, configuration variables are used to integrate with third party software, set default user preferences, and specify storage limits.

The Config Variable Browser has a hierarchical folder structure that allows you to browse for and modify configurations by category (for example, security) or by tool or feature. You can also search for configuration variables by name or keyword within all variables, a category folder, or a tool or feature folder.

While in the Config Variable Browser, you can navigate backwards or forwards using your browser without losing your state in the Config Variable Browser when the page refreshes. You can also bookmark pages in the Config Variable Browser.

The effect of a variable depends on its scope. Variables can apply to the Brightspace Learning Environment system, organizations, org units, users or roles.

Note: Depending on your permissions, some configuration variables may be read-only, while others may not be visible at all. Specifying which variables are read-only and which are visible can only be done by high-level administration. If you require additional access, contact your senior site administrator or your D2L Account Manager.