Brightspace for Parents administrator checklist

Complete the following items in order to get Brightspace for Parents ready for use. These checklist items are more fully described in the following sections:

  • Enable Brightspace for Parents tool
  • Create Parent role
  • Update Instructor role and Administrator role
  • Confirm availability of parent-child relationship in your SIS or similar system
  • Determine which compatible SIS Integration your institution uses: Holding Tank, IPSIS LIS 2.0, IPSIS OneRoster, or D2L Standard CSV
  • Create parent-child relationships using SIS Integrations (Holding Tank, IPSIS LIS 2.0, OneRoster, or D2L Standard CSV)
  • Enable tools associated with Brightspace for Parents
  • Ensure email is configured for Instructor role
  • Communicate Brightspace for Parents features to instructors
  • Communicate account details with parents