About the Awards Leaderboard widget

The Awards Leaderboard is a customizable system widget that can be added to the homepages of course offerings. It displays the top 10 users who have earned badges (not certificates) in the course. Course administrators with permissions can configure the Awards leaderboard to display the learners with either the highest Number of Awards or Credits appearing at the top. Learners with the same number of awards falling within the top 10 grouping are sorted by name in alphabetical order. If no learner in the course has an award, the Awards Leaderboard widget appears in empty state.

Learner names may appear as 'Anonymous User' if a user's role is restricted from seeing first and or last names via User Information Privacy settings. A learner's preferred name setting may appear if enabled for the learner.

Enabling the Awards Leaderboard widget

The Awards Leaderboard tool is available for organizations that have previously purchased Course Adventure Pack or that are currently running Engagement Plus. Organization Administrators can enable the Awards Leaderboard widget in Organization Tools and add the widget to any course or shared homepage.