Sync assignment release conditions with associated grade items

Assignment release conditions can be automatically synced with associated grade items in the new assignment creation experience. This ensures that both items follow the same set of rules and become visible/accessible to learners at the same time. It also removes the need for instructors to manually recreate the release conditions in two locations and makes all aspects of the assessment experience consistent for the learner. Administrators can determine the behavior of assignment release conditions with the d2l.Tools.Grades.ReleaseConditionSync configuration variable. This is an organization level configuration variable; it can’t be set on a course or department level. If the variable is turned on, it is on for all courses.

When the configuration variable is turned on, changes made to the release conditions associated to assignments are transferred to grade items. Once an assignment and grade item have their release conditions linked, there is an information message on the Restrictions tab of the grade item to informs instructors that release conditions are managed by the associated assignment, with a link to the relevant assignment.

After the configuration variable is turned on, new assignments and edited assignments sync their release conditions to the grade item they are associated to. Existing assignments are not retroactively updated. To update existing assignments, instructors can edit and save individual assignments.