Add Activity Feed to a course homepage

To add Activity Feed to a course homepage

If the Activity Feed widget is not on your organization's default course homepage, it can be added manually to a custom homepage.

  1. From a course's navbar, click Course Admin, and then Homepages.
  2. Edit an available homepage, copy an existing homepage to edit, or create a new homepage.
  3. In the Widgets section, from a large panel, click Add Widgets.
  4. Locate the Activity Feed widget, and click Add.
  5. To access the properties for Activity Feed, click on the Activity Feed widget.
  6. To hide the widget title and prevent users from expanding and collapsing the widget, deselect the Display Titlebar option and select the Prohibit minimizing widget option.
  7. Click Save and Close.
  8. Use the Active Homepage drop down menu to select the updated homepage, and click Apply.

Note: D2L recommends using the basic homepage layout and adding the Activity Feed widget to the large panel. Ensure the large panel does not include other widgets. Widgets placed below the Activity Feed can become lost as the feed grows. If you are not able to locate the Activity Feed widget from the Add Widgets pop-up, contact your administrator to request its availability.