About assignment posts

Instructors can use the Activity Feed to create new assignments and post them directly to their course homepage. The simplified assignment creation process allows you to set a name, instructions, due date, and the option to add the assignment to grades. If your course includes sections, you can create section restricted assignments directly from Activity Feed. Instructors must be enrolled in each sections of a course they plan to communicate with or send posts to.

Instructors can also choose from four different submission types: file submissions, text submissions, on paper submissions, and observed in person assignments. On paper submissions and observed in person assignments have additional completion type options that are set when the assignment is created. These assignments can be marked as completed manually by learners, automatically on evaluation, or automatically on due date. Files can be uploaded and attached to the assignment post to provide additional details to learners. For file based submissions, instructors can view how many submissions have been made to the assignment directly from the Activity Feed post, and access the submissions from the Activity Feed with a single click.