Quick Eval submission information

Assignment submissions are listed when a learner submits a file or text, or marks an assignment as complete. They remain visible until an evaluator publishes feedback for the submission. If a resubmission is made by the learner, it is added to the Quick Eval list. Submissions with their feedback in draft status display a draft icon to indicate their status. For assignments with the completion type Automatically on due date, when the due date passes, all submissions display in Quick Eval. Assignments with the completion type Automatically on Evaluation are not displayed in Quick Eval.

Quiz submissions are listed when a learner completes a quiz that requires manual grading. Once the quiz attempt is graded and saved, it is considered evaluated and no longer displays in Quick Eval. If a quiz is setup without the Automatic Export to Grades setting, then quiz attempt evaluation from Quick Eval does not export to Grades. The evaluator must navigate to the Quizzes tool and select the quiz attempts to publish to the gradebook.

Discussion submissions are listed when assessable discussion topics have a post or a reply written by a learner. When the feedback on a discussion post is saved or published, the learner submission is no longer displayed in Quick Eval. If a learner re-posts or replies to a discussion topic after the evaluator publishes their feedback, the Learner submission does not reappear in the Quick Eval list. Quick Eval does not support evaluation of discussion topics associated with Competency or just Rubrics. Evaluators need to assess them from the Discussion tool.