Quick Eval FAQs

Does Quick Eval list cascade enrollments?

No, Quick Eval does not list cascading (implicit) enrollments. Explicit enrollment in the course is required.

What determines if a course displays in Quick Eval?

  1. Course is active
  2. Course is within its start date and end date

What are the criteria for displaying assignment submissions in Quick Eval?

Submission Type: All assignment submission types are listed in Quick Eval except for assignments with the Automatically on Evaluation completion type.

Evaluation status: Unpublished feedback

What are the criteria for displaying quiz attempts in Quick Eval?

Quiz Setup: Quiz attempts with assessments that are not set up for auto grading and require an evaluator to provide feedback.

(Note: Quizzes that are set up for auto grading are present in the Activities view, even though no attempts appear below them.)

Evaluation status: Ungraded quiz attempts

What are the criteria for displaying discussion posts and replies in Quick Eval?

Discussion topic setup: Discussion topics with Assessments

Evaluation status: Unpublished Feedback

Are grade items listed in Quick Eval?

Quick Eval does not list grade items. Quick Eval only lists activities from Assignments, Quizzes and Discussions that have learner submissions.

Are SCORM objects or LTI activities listed in Quick Eval?

Quick Eval does not list SCORM objects and LTI activities like Bongo video assignments.

What is the default size of the Quick Eval list?

The Quick Eval list shows 20 unevaluated learner submissions. Users can click on Load More to see more items.

Are group assignments listed in the Quick Eval list?

No, group assignments are not listed in Quick Eval.

Can I filter the Quick Eval list by section?

No, the Quick Eval list cannot be filtered by sections. However, an evaluator only sees submissions from the sections they are enrolled in.

Does Quick Eval display feedback saved as a draft?

Quick Eval displays feedback for Assignments, Discussions, and Quiz Attempts that are saved as a draft and not published.

Can I evaluate Anonymously using Quick Eval?

Submissions view supports anonymous marking for assignments created with the Hide student names during assessment option selected. Learner names and profile images do not display and are replaced by a generic profile image, and the name column shows Anonymous User.

Why is Anonymous User displayed instead of the learners first name and last name in Quick Eval?

Assignments created with the Hide student names during assessment option selected display Anonymous User in place of the user’s first and last name.

If the org level role of the user evaluating using Quick Eval does not have the User Information Privacy permission at the org level, then learner names are displayed as Anonymous User.

Why is Quick Eval empty when I impersonate using an instructor role that has the View Quick Eval permission?

Quick Eval requires the user to be explicitly enrolled in the course in order to see unevaluated learner submission. Impersonating an instructor role does not have the course enrollment, therefore the Quick Eval list is empty.

Are Tool usage trends captured for Quick Eval in the Adoption Dashboard?

Yes, tool usage trends are captured for Quick Eval. More information can be found in the Using the Adoption Dashboard help topic.