Navigating Brightspace Editor with a keyboard

The Brightspace editor has comprehensive screen reader and keyboard navigation support. You can move through toolbar items with the Arrow keys; use Tab and Shift + Tab to quickly switch between the toolbars and content area.

  • Use the Tab key to switch focus down to the content area, and Shift + Tab to shift back up to the toolbar
  • If a context toolbar is visible, it is positioned between the main toolbar and content area
  • Use the Arrow keys to move between toolbar items
  • Use the Control + Arrow keys (⌘ + Arrow keys on Mac) to move between toolbar groups
  • Use the Return key to select and toggle toolbar items, or open drop-down menus

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Description
⌘+Shift+F (Mac)
Ctrl+Shift+F (Windows)
Enter / exit full screen

Exit full screen

Close dialog

Close menu

⌘+Alt+Shift+A (Mac)

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A (Windows)

Accessibility checker

⌘+Alt+Shift+C (Mac)

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C (Windows)

Word count

⌘+Alt+Shift+H (Mac)

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H (Windows)

Code editor

⌘+Alt+Shift+P (Mac)

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P (Windows)