Using Magnifier and zoom functionality

In some cases, users who have difficulty reading online and users with fine motor skills difficulty use magnifiers and zoom functionality to increase the target for selectable content such as links, icons, and form fields.

To increase the size of content in Brightspace:

  • Use the Account Settings tool to increase the system font size. This increases system fonts only, not icons, other graphics, or user-created content.
  • Use an assistive technology or browser that supports zooming in. This increases the magnification of the entire page. This option works well in the Brightspace as images and navigation panels resize well.
  • Use a screen magnifier to magnify a portion of the page, such as the area around the cursor. Some users prefer screen magnifiers because they preserve the layout of the page, but allow you to focus on the content in a specific area.
  • If you are using equations built with Equation Editor, double-click on inline equations to view them at a larger size.