Cloud environment security

To improve cloud environment security, suspicious requests are proactively blocked using a Web App Firewall (WAF).

The WAF checks all traffic coming in to the Brightspace cloud environment to match rules. Traffic that matches its rules, which indicate that the traffic is a potential security concern, is not allowed into the servers. As a result, suspicious traffic does not reach your environment, further reducing the likelihood of an infrastructure-affecting security incident.

The WAF checks if the traffic is coming from a known suspicious IP that may be a potential security concern and if the traffic is coming from outside of a client’s region.

The second check is in place to avoid the possibility of blocking all traffic from a client in the unlikely event that a customer is negatively impacted by the WAF.

If you receive inquiries from users blocked by the WAF, troubleshoot the user’s issue to determine if they are using a proxy or a virtual private network (VPN). If this is not the case, reach out to D2L to determine if the WAF is blocking legitimate traffic.

If users experience time out errors when using an out-of-region VPN or proxy server, D2L recommends users to access Brightspace Learning Environment using a different method.