Completing a video assignment

Create video presentations online using Video Assignments. You have the option to record your video separately with an external video camera and then upload the video file to Bongo or you can use your webcam and microphone to record it directly in Bongo. You can also combine multiple video files into one submission. And you can add image files and document files for visual aids. For example, your presentation slides can be exported as JPEG images, or you can use a chart or graph made in Excel that is also saved as an image file.

For more information, visit the Assignment Overviews or Assignment Basics support sites for details on how to complete the following assignment types:

Note: If your organization offers the standard version of Video Assignments, you can only complete Individual Projects.

Auto Analysis™ for Video Assignments

If your organization offers the premium version of Video Assignments, you can use the Auto Analysis™ tool to gain instant insight and feedback on your rate of speech, speech clarity, and use of filler words. Auto Analysis™ runs automatically when you upload an Individual Project, transcribing the audio and generating a report with tips to improve your audio performance. Auto Analysis™ works only on English audio. For more information, visit the How to Access Your Auto Analysis™ Report support page.