Grade syncing and grading options

Grade syncing is enabled in Brightspace and your grades from Bongo are delivered to your Learning Management System (LMS) grade book.

The grading options are:

  • Grade Entry - This is a percentage grade. Use a value between 1-100 when entering a grade. The value you enter represents a percentage that is used to assign points in the LMS grade book based on the maximum points entered in the LMS. For example, if a learner receives a 90% grade, then enter 90, and if a learner receives a 75% grade, then enter 75.
  • Educator Ratings - This is a 5-star rating system and each star is worth 20 points. For example, if you give a learner 4 stars, then 80 points are delivered to the LMS grade book.
  • Pass/Fail and Completed/Not Completed - These grading options deliver a 0 or 100 grade to the LMS grade book.

For information on grading options in Video Assignments, visit the Grading Types support page.