Grade syncing and grading options

Grade syncing is enabled in Brightspace Learning Environment and your grades from Bongo are delivered to your Learning Management System (LMS) grade book.

The grading options are:

  • Grade Entry - This is a percentage grade. Use a value between 1-100 when entering a grade. The value you enter represents a percentage that is used to assign points in the LMS grade book based on the maximum points entered in the LMS. For example, if a learner receives a 90% grade, then enter 90, and if a learner receives a 75% grade, then enter 75.
  • Educator Ratings - This is a 5-star rating system and each star is worth 20 points. For example, if you give a learner 4 stars, then 80 points are delivered to the LMS grade book.
  • Pass/Fail and Completed/Not Completed - These grading options deliver a 0 or 100 grade to the LMS grade book.

For information on grading options in Video Assignments, visit the Grading Types support page.