Set up a remote plugin for URKUND

You must create a remote plugin for URKUND so that quicklinks can be added to course navbars. Administrators or instructors can add the quicklink after creation of the remote plugin is complete.

  1. From the Admin Tools menu, click Remote Plugins.
  2. Click New Remote Plugin, and from the Plugin Type menu, select Navbar, and set the Target to Same Frame.
  3. Enter a name for your remote plugin.
  4. Enter as the Launch Point URL.
  5. Enter the LTI Key.
  6. Enter the LTI Secret provided to you by URKUND.
    Note: The credentials are exclusive to each URL. If you have a Production and Test site then you will need explicit credentials for each provided by URKUND.
  7. In the OAuth Signature Method field, specify HMAC-SHA1 as the cryptographic hash function. HMAC-SHA256 is the default value.
  8. To set which course offerings have access to use this remote plugin, click Add Org Units. By default the link is only available on the org home page.
  9. Search for the course offering or department you would like to grant access, check the box next to the name, and click Insert.
  10. Confirm the details for the launch point URL, LTI Key, and LTI Secret are correct, and click Save.

Note: Check under Admin Tools > External Learning Tools > Tool Providers to ensure there is only a single entry for If duplicates are present (where the Name within matches the Remote Plugin created above) then delete all but one and ensure (a) to reset the security key and (b) to select all security option checkboxes.