URKUND Plagiarism Checker

URKUND Plagiarism Checker is a plagiarism detection integration that generates reports for submissions made to assignments. When the documents arrive at URKUND, they are analyzed against the content of three source areas: the internet, published material and learner material.

URKUND Plagiarism Checker provides instructors and learners with a significance score to show what percentage of a document is drawn from other sources, as well as access to URKUND's site for a full report on the submission.

Contact your D2L Account Manager to request URKUND contact details, the LTI Secret, and LTI Key to set up the URKUND integration. The default key value is 'urkund' for all clients. Direct all sales, support, and implementation questions to URKUND: http://www.urkund.com/en/contact.

For additional help resources, visit the URKUND Brightspace Integration and Installation Manual Administrator Guide.

For instructor resources, visit the URKUND Brightspace Instructor Guide.