You can set up an email notification to alert you each time an SIS run is processed by D2L Standard CSV.

  1. Select your User icon.
  2. Select Notifications.
  3. Under Contact Methods, check the Email Address subheading, and ensure your desired email address is listed.
    Note: If you add a forwarding email address, or add a reply to address, you receive an email prompting you to verify your email address. If set by your administrator, this email verification message also lists the UserID or UserName of the person initiating the email address update.
  4. To verify your email address, click the link in the email verification message you received.
  5. Under Instant Notifications,locate IPSIS Platform - Batch Summary Completion.
  6. Select the Email check box.

D2L recommends using only the Email notification, rather than SMS, as the email that is delivered contains more details about the SIS run (successes, failures, summary). The SMS message only states that a job ran, there's very little detail.