Before you use D2L Standard CSV

Before you start using D2L Standard CSV, note the following important information and expectations:

  • Access to the data in your information system is required to create extract files used for the import process.
  • Some information systems have built-in integrations and data export mechanisms that you can use to import data into Brightspace. D2L strongly recommends reading the information system's documentation before using, and then contacting your information system provider to seek guidance on best practices for extracting the required data into the necessary CSV file format.
  • When a feature is added to D2L Standard CSV that results in a breaking change to the file format, D2L releases the change by increasing the manifest version, indicated in the Manifest.json file. Currently, D2L Standard CSV supports version 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0.
  • After you consult with your D2L Implementation Consultant, D2L Standard CSV is considered a self-serve tool where you create the extract files and transfer them to Brightspace.
  • The D2L Standard CSV documentation describes the required format of each file for use with SFTP and drag-and-drop. It also describes the results of each action or command you send in the CSV files.
  • A manifest is required when using version 1.1 or higher of D2L Standard CSV. The manifest is a JSON file that announces the version of D2L Standard CSV you are using. For more information, view the Manifest topic.