Users (Version 1.1 - including relationships)

The following lists 3 rows of sample content for a user (along with the required header line). File consists of 10 mandatory columns, each must be populated with a valid value or left empty depending on the file format.  

type,action,username,org_defined_id,first_name,last_name,password,is_active,role_name,email, relationships



user,UPDATE,sam.child,orgdefinedtest2,First2,Last2,,1,Learner,,"[{""Type"": ""Parent"", ""Id"": ""orgdeftest1""}, {""Type"": ""Guardian"", ""Id"": ""guardian.test""}]"


Column Field Required Possible Values Notes
1 type Required user Must be lowercase.
2 action Optional CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE Case insensitive. If not specified, default is UPDATE.
3 username Required   Username
4 org_defined_id Required   The code you use for the OrgDefinedId must be a unique value used to identify any one specific user only. D2L recommends using SIS SourceID.
5 first_name Required    
6 last_name Required    
7 password Optional  

If a password is not specified, Brightspace will generate a password.

If a password is not specified and you are logging in using native authentication, on the Brightspace Learning Environment login page, click Forgot your password? to reset your password.

8 is_active Required 1, 0, TRUE, FALSE Case insensitive.
9 role_name Required   Role name at the organization level
10 email Optional    
11 relationships Optional Parent, Guardian

JSON object including relationship type and OrgDefinedId of parent/guardian.

Explicitly updates, to remove a relationship, relationship should not be in file.