D2L Standard CSV Validation Mode

Validation mode is available to IPSIS clients using D2L Standard CSV to help validate CSV files before loading them into IPSIS. Running a .zip file in validation mode allows the IPSIS platform to run all files and provide feedback on missing columns and enumeration (enum) issues.

When in validation mode, files run but do not process any changes in Brightspace Learning Environment. A summary of the run is provided in the IPSIS Administration dashboard.

Use the Mode selector in the IPSIS Administration > D2L Standard CSV page to choose between the available modes (Enable, Disable, Validation).

The validation process includes:

  • .zip includes CSV files and manifest when required (v1.1, v2.0)
  • File naming convention meets requirements (orgs, users, enrollments)
  • Column headers meet requirements
  • Appropriate number of commas, correct escaping of data
  • Formats meet requirements (such as date)
  • Required fields are populated
  • Encoding is UTF-8
  • Invalid characters are not included in Org unit codes and names:
    • Org Illegal characters: : % & # * ? < > | \ " ' and leading or trailing spaces.
    • Users Illegal characters: \ / : * ? " < > | ' , ;
  • Attributes - If header begins with 'LMS Username', the file is assumed to be an attribute file and is sent to Manager Dashboard
  • Files do not have empty rows

The validation process does not include:

  • Validation of data in file as it would run against the Learning Environment or with each file. For example, if a Course Template has a parent Department, and the Department was not sent in the Department file, it does not result in an error.

Run the CSV validation process

  1. Access the IPSIS administration dashboard.
  2. Select D2L Standard CSV.
  3. Use the Mode selector to choose Validate.
  4. Use drag and drop or the SFTP server to upload the file for validation.
    1. Files are processes immediately when uploaded using the drag and drop function. Files uploaded to the SFTP server are triggered to run periodically.
  5. If you are satisfied that the D2L Standard CSV file does not include any issues, use the mode selector to switch to Enabled mode and run the file again.