Set Up

  1. On the IPSIS Administration page, select the Configuration tab.
  2. Configure your integration:
    • Review and edit settings and complete mappings.
      • People
        • Instructor and Learner are defaulted, but can be deleted.
        • Click + Add Role to add additional SIS specific role names to map to Brightspace role. The following are the roles available in OneRoster:
          • Administrator
          • Aide
          • Guardian
          • Parent
          • Proctor
          • Relative
          • Student
          • Teacher
    • Courses and Sections
    • The following are the org types available in OneRoster:
      • National
      • State
      • Local
      • District
      • School
    • Once complete, select Create Source System.
  3. Once the source system is created, administrators can select from OAuth1a or OAuth2 as the preferred authentication method.
  4. Generate SFTP credentials:
    1. Click Create SFTP Site.
    2. Click Generate Password.
      1. Save Address, Username and Password
        • SFTP credentials are used to upload files.
        • Password is hidden and is not recoverable once the page has been saved. Password can be regenerated, SFTP credentials will need to be updated when transferring zip to the SFTP.
      Note: Passwordless authentication with an SSH Public key is not currently configurable.
  5. Select Done.

You will be directed to the OneRoster CSV dashboard. The dashboard is the landing page of the IPSIS Administration Interface. To see more details, click here to access Brightspace Help.