About OneRoster 1.1 REST

OneRoster is an IMS standard designed to allow secure sharing of class rosters and related data between a student information system (SIS) and any other system. The OneRoster standard supports spreadsheet-style (CSV) export-import as well as direct system exchanges using REST API’s. This administration guide focuses on the REST specification.

Before you use OneRoster REST 1.1

D2L supports the IMS OneRoster v1.1 specification and recertifies against the IMS Global product certification suite yearly. D2L supports the following Conformance Certifications:

  • REST Data Provider Gradebook Push Core
  • REST Data Consumer Rostering Core

The Brightspace implementation of the OneRoster v1.1 specification lets administrators schedule data to be pulled from their SIS to populate the required roster related data (schools, classes, users, enrollments, etc.) in the Brightspace platform. The new IPSIS OneRoster REST user interface includes a schedule to allow administrators to configure the time of day when the data pulls occur. Additionally, for an SIS partner supporting the Gradebook service, administrators can set the grades to be returned with the daily data sync and/or allow a faculty member to initiate a manual sync.

Endpoints used

Type URL
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/academicSessions
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/classes
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/enrollments
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/orgs
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/orgs/{id}
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/schools/{id}
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/schools/{id}/classes
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/schools/{id}/courses
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/schools/{id}/enrollments
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/users
GET ims/oneroster/v1p1/classes/{classSourcedId}/categories
PUT ims/oneroster/v1p1/lineitems
PUT ims/oneroster/v1p1/results