The ReplaceSectionAssociationUpdateHierarchyHandler saves any changes to the IM Section Association, IM Hierarchy, and mappings for the Section Association.


D2L.IM.IPSIS.Default.OrgUnits.SectionAssociations.Handlers. ReplaceSectionAssociationUpdateHierarchyHandler

Expected behavior

This handler only runs if there are changes to the IM Tables. The handler performs the following options:

  • If any of the following cases are not valid, handler is skipped:

    • Course being associated to is part of IPSIS

    • Sections being used in association are part of IPSIS

    • Course and sections are all under the same source system

  • Updates the IM Section Association History.

  • Updates the IM Hierarchy if there are any updates to the section assignments:

    • All Add records should have new Sections to add as children to the Section Association.

    • All Remove records should have Sections to remove as children of the Section Association.

  • Updates the IM Mappings for any new Group/Sections that were created or removed:

    • All Add records should have new mappings to add.

    • All remove records should have mappings to remove.

  • Processing continues to the next handler (Return True).

Error behavior

If there is a problem during processing, an exception is thrown, along with as much detailed information as possible.

Configuration note

This handler would typically run last.