IPSIS administration for SIS integrations

Configuring a new SIS integration has been made easy with a new Plug & Play interface with simple and proven default configurations provided as starting points. The default configuration can be modified with straightforward questions to support your preferred configuration. The default configurations for LIS 2.0, D2L Standard CSV, OneRoster - CSV, OneRoster - REST, and Ellucian ILP are included.

Before you begin: To perform an SIS integration, ensure you have the necessary files and information set up and readily available. For background information on LIS 2.0, see The LIS v2.0 Adapter section. For information on setting up to do a Standard CSV integration, see the D2L Standard CSV - Version 2.0 Administrator Guide documentation. For information on setting up to do a OneRoster integration, see the Source System Configuration section. For information on setting up to do an Ellucian ILP integration, see the Performing an SIS integration using the Ellucian ILP configuration option section.