Dynamic Registration

Dynamic Registration is an LTI specification that allows for the automatic creation of a registration within a tool and platform, without the need to manually complete the registration. Dynamic Registration also supports the optional creation of the deployment and org level links within Brightspace.
Note: Dynamic Registration is currently in Member Candidate Final and is in planning for public release.

The tool provides an endpoint URL to initiate the dynamic registration process; this endpoint must be https. When launching to the tool endpoint, D2L sends the tool a one-time use token that is given to the tool as part of the configuration URL; this token expires after 1 use or 1 hour, whichever comes first.

If deployment or links fail to be created, the registration process is still considered successful. The Dynamic Registration APIs return errors to the tool if there is a failure.

Out of scope: Registration updates

Registration level:

  • Validation exists following existing registration validation rules
  • URLs must be https
  • Name and Domain must be unique across Org
  • Keyset must be reachable