Google Workspace

Use the Google Workspace widget to display email, events, and documents from your Google account in a widget on your organization homepage. You can also submit Google Docs to tools in Brightspace, and to Brightspace ePortfolio. The Google Workspace widget can appear one of two ways:

  • The Access Google Workspace widget provides links to your Google Mail, Calendar, and Drive.
  • The Google Workspace widget provides a tabbed display of your Google Mail, Calendar, and Drive, showing email (including unread messages and the Compose button), upcoming events, and a searchable list of documents in your Drive.

Clicking any of the items displayed in the tabs in either widget takes you to your Google Workspace account, which opens in a new window.

The Google Apps widget displays tabs of your Google Apps account content

Depending on how your administrator has set up your account, you must complete one of the following tasks when you sign in for the first time:

  • Create a Google Workspace account
  • Link your existing Google Workspace account to your organization account

To initially use the Google Workspace account, you must authorize your Google account with Google and accept the integration. For more information, see Authorize your Google Workspace account.

Access to these features is dependent on your role and permissions assigned by your system administrator. You might not have access to all of the features available through Google Workspace.