Add a Google document to Brightspace
  1. On the course navbar, do any of the following:
    1. To add a document to a course, click The book icon Content. Click the module that you want to add content to. In the New list, click Upload Files.
    2. To add a document to a discussion post, click The discussions icon Discussions. Click the post that you want to contribute to. Click Reply and then click Add a File.
    3. To submit to an assignment, click Assignments. Click the assignment that you want to submit to. Click Add a File.
    4. To add a document to an email message, click Email. Click Compose. In the Attachments section, click Choose Existing.
    5. To add a document to a Announcements item, click Announcements. Click New Item. In the Attachments section, click Add a File.
  2. On the Add a File page, click Google Drive. You can access Google Docs from any location that the Add a File page displays; however, the Google Workspace integration must be authorized.
  3. Search for Files then select the check box for the document you want to add.
  4. Click Add.