Google Apps configuration variables

The following configuration variables can be set from the Config Variable Browser:

  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.ApplicationName (Org) - Name that identifies the Google Apps integration running on an organization's instance. This variable does not have to be unique. D2L recommends the following naming convention - {organization name}_D2LGoogleApps.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.IsPrivateDomain (Org) - Specifies if your instance is located on a private domain. This variable is off by default and only visible to D2L Support and installation administrators.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.PasswordRegex (Org) - Regular expression that is used to evaluate passwords during user provisioning. Google Apps requires password size to be between 8 and 30 characters. Default value is ^.{8,30}$.

The following configuration variables have associated options on the Google Apps Administration Settings page:

Important: To avoid overriding existing Google Apps settings, D2L strongly recommends that you only set these values from the Settings page. These configuration variables are included for reference only.

  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.ClientID (Org) - Specifies a unique application identifier necessary for API requests to Google Apps.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.ClientSecret (Org) - Used by Google API to verify that requests made with the clientID are authorized.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.EnableCalendarTab - Allows the Google Calendar tab in the Google Apps widget.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.EnableDriveTab - Allows the Google Drive tab to display in the Google Apps widget.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.EnableMailTab - Allows the Google Mail tab to display in the Google Apps widget.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.IsDirectoryApiReadOnly (Org) - Specifies if you want your organization's domain information to be read-only and not modified via Brightspace. If turned on, a Google Apps administrator cannot create new users, suspend accounts, or restore accounts. The default value is OFF.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.SubmitAsPDF - Exports all submitted Google Document types as PDF files. This is useful for preventing users from editing Google Documents after submitting them.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.ProvisioningUserType (Org) - Controls what the user can do to set up a Google Apps account: Create Account, Create Link, or neither, and No Access. Create Account allows users to create and link a Google Apps account to a Brightspace Learning Environment account themselves. Create Link allows users to link an existing Google Apps account to their Brightspace Learning Environment account. No Access means that only administrators are able to create or link Brightspace Learning Environment user accounts to Google Apps accounts. Default value is No Access.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.ServiceAccount (Org) - Specifies the email address of the service account. This variable is provided in API requests to Google Apps.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.ServiceAccountP12 (Org) - Specifies the service account private key (PKCS #12) to access Google APIs. The variable is used together with d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.ServiceAccountP12Password.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.ServiceAccountP12Password (Org) - Specifies the service account password to access Google APIs. The variable is used together with d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.ServiceAccountP12.
  • d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.SuperAdminUser (Org) - Google Apps domain administrator's login name, unique for every organization. This variable is provided in API requests to Google Apps during user provisioning and should be in the format of an email address (e.g., Replaces the deprecated d2l.3rdParty.GoogleApps.AdminUser.