About BizLibrary

On-demand course content is available for purchase from BizLibrary via D2L. BizLibrary offers thousands of digital courses for corporate training. Thousands of courses are available in English, as well as a large collection of content in French, Spanish, German and Japanese languages.

BizLibrary course content is available as SCORM objects in SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 formats. All BizLibrary SCORM objects are self-contained lessons that can be uploaded into courses or used as stand-alone courses within Brightspace Learning Environment. You can easily import BizLibrary content as a Course Package, or using Bulk Course Create if it is enabled for your organization. Once the SCORM objects are uploaded into Content in Brightspace Learning Environment, the content streams directly from the BizLibrary hosting service in AWS.

Access BizLibrary content

A course administrator for your organization must be set up with an account in the BizLibrary Portal, which provides access to all available course content you have licensed. Courses are downloaded from the portal as SCORM objects and then imported into Brightspace Learning Environment.