Using Self-Serve Analytics

The core tasks you can perform using SSA are as follows:

  • Create a visualization.
  • Add a filter.
  • Join DataFlows together using ETL or Blend.
  • Share a visualization.
  • Set up a scheduled report for emailing to a group of stakeholders.

Instructions to complete these tasks are included in the Quick Start for Authors dashboard embedded in the product.

The DataFlows in SSA contain the same data as what's available in Data Hub. To review the data dictionary, check out the Core Analytics Admin Guide. DataFlows are refreshed following the same schedule as your full Brightspace Data Sets, following the same d2l.Tools.BrightspaceDataSets.Version configuration variable setting. The version used is appended to the name of each data set.

Providing Feedback

Feedback can be provided in the Brightspace Community by submitting a PIE item. All feedback is reviewed by the D2L product development team for consideration.

Troubleshooting Self-Serve Analytics

Email Address

A valid email address is required to create an SSA user. If more than one user shares the same email address in Brightspace, one of the users is created successfully but the other fails until a unique email address is defined. The check for unique email addresses is not case-sensitive.

Data Freshness

Since data is refreshed following the generation of Brightspace Data Set differentials, DataFlows are refreshed daily for most customers. Authors can review when the data was refreshed by going to the Data tab and reviewing the timestamp on each DataFlow. Using out-of-date data in your analysis makes it more difficult to draw accurate conclusions.

User Management

When a user’s Self-Serve Analytics permissions are revoked, they are removed from Domo. Additionally, if a user is downgraded from author to viewer or has permissions fully revoked, their assets (cards, pages, etc.) are shared with the other author(s) and d2lautomation and they become the new owners. If no other author exists, the assets are shared with d2lautomation until a new author is added and receives said assets.