About Insights Report Builder

Insights Report Builder allows users to dig deeper into data and visualizations using skills and knowledge about Brightspace Data Sets (BDS) they already have, but without the complexity of having to work directly with a data warehouse. Users can launch this feature directly from the Insights Portal to access report authoring or viewing based on their permissions.

Insights Report Builder gives you the following capabilities:

  • Start with a template visualization and customize it to be your own.
  • Create, edit, and share your reports, dashboards, and visualizations with other users.
  • Access fresh BDS data ready for visualizing.
  • Schedule reports and set alerts based on custom logic.
  • Power to leverage row level permissions.

Insights Report Builder leverages data from Brightspace and a visualization engine powered by Domo. Saved reports are automatically updated with refreshed DataFlows. Users can also tap into the Domo Community and resources to learn more about using the visualization engine.