Student Success System

Student Success System (S3) is a tool that helps to drive learner retention by using predictive analytics and machine learning techniques to give instructors advanced knowledge of both learners who are struggling and those who may need additional challenges to keep them engaged. It can make predictions about the final grade for each student uses supporting visualizations and dashboards to identify learners who may need more from their instructors.

Note: Student Success System is available to Performance Plus clients. To learn more about Performance Plus, contact your D2L Client Sales Executive.

How does Student Success System work?

Before you can use Student Success System, administrators must first do the following:

  • Add target courses to the system to generate predictions of learner success, using historical courses for comparison. (Historical courses are prior offerings of the target courses that are representative of the courses in terms of teaching and learning expectations.)
  • Create and configure predictive models for target courses in the administrative Brightspace Student Success System interface.

Once Student Success System is set up and configured, you can use it to monitor predictions of learner success levels for active and enabled courses on a weekly basis in five possible domains: course access, content access, social learning, assessments, and preparedness. The weekly predictions produce a success index for every learner in the course, letting you visualize and compare potential success rates.

All learners in the course display in a list on a class dashboard, as well as on their own personal dashboard that displays data on their performance in the course. A win-loss chart provides an at-a-glance visualization of a learner's performance in comparison to the rest of the class in all the pre-selected domains. Detailed and interactive visualizations are available for the success index, social learning domain, and assessments domain.