Brightspace Data Sets for Exemptions

Brightspace Data Sets for Exemptions include:

This data set has a dependency on Grades. If you turn this tool on and off during the data set query period, there may be unexpected or missing content in your data sets.

Entity Relationship Diagram

To show the relationships between entities used to create Brightspace Data Sets for Exemptions, click the following thumbnail image:

Activity Exemptions Logs Entity Relationship Diagram


Brightspace Data Set: Activity Exemptions Logs


Returns details on the exemptions a user has created for your organization units.

Data Set Availability

This data set is available as:

  • Full CSV, produced on a weekly basis, containing all of the data.
  • Differential CSV, produced on a daily basis or hourly basis as a paid add-on, containing the differences (diffs) of the data that was updated or inserted since the last successful differential which is typically the previous day or hour, respectively.

Returned Fields


Version History




Column Size


2.5/3.0 - Changed Type OrgUnitId Unique org unit identifier BigInteger 8 FK
2.5/3.0 - Changed Type UserId Unique user identifier. BigInteger 8 FK
1.6 ObjectId Unique identifier of the object with an exemption Integer 4  
1.6 ActivityId Unique identifier for an activity associated with the exemption varchar 225  
1.6 LogTypeName Name of log type String 50  
1.6 LastModifiedUtc Time of the last log entry (UTC). DateTime 8  
2.5/3.0 - Changed Type LastModifiedBy User ID of user who last modified the exemption. Field can be null. BigInteger 8 FK


Unique exemptions log identifier




4.7 / 5.1 - Updated description

ToolId Unique identifier for the tool with an exemption Integer 4 FK