Using Brightspace Insights Dashboards

To view the Brightspace Insights Dashboards while impersonating, begin a new session as the impersonated role and navigate to the dashboard you want to view in the Insights Portal.

Brightspace Insights dashboard types

Brightspace Insights includes the following dashboards:

  • Adoption: Allows users to clearly understand how the Brightspace Learning Environment is being used at your institution. This includes visualizations for login trends, course access, tool usage, and enrollments and withdrawals. This dashboard is intended for those looking for a broad view of their organization such as administrators and managers.
  • Assessment: Allows users to understand the quality of assessments using quiz and question statistics such as reliability, average grade, and correlation for all quiz and question types (except question pools). This dashboard includes visualizations for quiz and question statistics.
  • Engagement: Allows users to identify individuals or groups who are succeeding or are at-risk. This includes visualizations for last course access, assignment completions and time and content. The ability to drill down to an individual with details on their engagement provide users with context to intervene when necessary.

Viewing a Brightspace Insights Dashboard

Roles that are granted permission to see a dashboard see data for each org unit in which they are enrolled unless otherwise specified in the details for the dashboard cards. In some cases, aggregated data at a high level appears for all users. When a user attempts to drill deeper into the data, only data for the org unit to which they have permissions appears on the dashboard.

To view the dashboard at the Org level:

  1. From the navbar, click Insights Portal.
  2. Click to select the dashboard you want to view.